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Welcome to Hardwood Dildos

Hardwood Dildos is offline until January 2015, no orders will be shipped until then.

Hardwood dildos are handcrafted from exotic woods, sanded to perfection, and finished with a food-grade varnish. The elegance of natural wood lends class to these fully functional tools of pleasure.

Every dildo is individually listed and has a unique shape and color. The dildos are searchable by wood type or price, so browse through them all to find the style that's best for you. There are currently 21 wood toys available.

The most beautiful sex toy you will ever own, a Hardwood Dildo also makes a great gift. Each dildo comes with free shipping and a velvet pouch.

Wood dildos have been used for thousands of years (says Wikipedia). Modern tools and finishes bring out the full potential of wood as a sex toy, with its natural warmth, smoothness, and beauty.

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There are at least four other online sites that offer wooden dildos. Most are carved by spinning on a lathe, limiting the range of possible shapes, and only a few distinct styles are offered. Hardwood Dildos are individually carved, so anything is possible, from penis-shaped to curves and twists. Custom designs are available in any shape you can imagine.

Hardwood Dildos is a small artisan-owned business, friendly to people of all genders and sexual orientations.

This site uses a PayPal shopping cart which accepts all major credit cards. Checks are also accepted.

Last update November 2014
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